Lacrosse Goalie Gear

In here you will find plenty of all that is needed for the menacing and impenetrable lacrosse goalie to do their thing. Which is of course, is to stop goals! To make scoring nothing but a dream for their unfortunate opponents. Goalie pants with built in floating pads for maneuverability and protection. Moisture wicking materials that allow for maximum comfort and finesse moves are used. How about a fitted Cascade Helmet for the extra protection that it offers? There is even an optional throat guard available. It is designed to use with your Cascade helmet. (Sorry the throat guards only fit Cascade helmets)

A variety of alloy lacrosse stick shafts that are strong and lightweight are in here. They enable you to select your favorite lacrosse goalie stick head to use in any combination you like. A customized stick to optimize your game performance. There is even an awesome carbon fiber shaft for those who really want only the most advanced performance and materials.carbon-fiber-goalie-stick Shafts and heads are also available fully assembled but that doesn’t always work for everybody. I don’t think there is any doubt that goalies can be very fussy about their sticks. And any of their other lacrosse goalie gear for that matter!

Comfortable and versatile shin guards also work wonders to keep those bruises from happening. Lightweight and sturdy chest protectors help to prevent getting the wind knocked out of you. There are also chest protectors available with built in adjustable arm pads. Those can go a long way toward extra protection.

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