Coaches Development

Coaches Development


We are convinced that young men and women

who have been successful lacrosse players

can become successful lacrosse coaches,

but the two successes are independent, and

one does not necessarily follow the other.

It is our finding that the actual “coaching”

of the game, including running practice

sessions and scrimmages, instructing individual

and team skills, and so forth (the X’s and

O’s) is only about one third or less of

the burden resting on the shoulders of the

successful coach.

In addition, the organizing and operating

of the program is a large responsibility,

as is the skills required to deal successfully

with student athletes.

Therefore, our development efforts are

sufficiently broad in scope to cover all

three of these general areas. Further, we

will happily channel inquiries by and for

qualified coaches to match up coaching talent

with coaching opportunities.

This chapter has conducted several previous

development seminars and has an annual event

California Lacrosse Convention. The co-chairpersons

of this chapter committee are Jill Malko,

Head Coach, UC Berkeley and David Lipscomb.